HNL Bylaws


Title – The name of the organization shall be called Huntsville National League, and hereinafter referred to as “HNL”.

General Purpose of HNL – The purpose of HNL is to provide recreational sports activities for fun and enjoyment for the youth participants of the community.

The Major emphasis of this organization is to:

  • Provide youth an opportunity for fun and enjoyment through sports activities.
    • To provide the teaching of fundamental skills and techniques of sports programs.
    • To provide a program for physical fitness and to teach good sportsmanship.

These programs will always promote safety first. HNL will provide for the welfare of the community and allow for each individual to better acquaint themselves with each other within the community. HNL will ensure these by-laws and doctrines are upheld.



All complaints must be received by the Officers in writing. Complaints are to be discussed with Directors and/or Officers. A Director or Officer has 48 hours to set up a closed meeting including all Directors, Officers and coaches of HNL. This committee shall decide if the coach involved is guilty or not. If the coach is found guilty, the committee will decide on suspension of removal from his/her position. All decisions of the Committee will be determined by a two-thirds vote and their decision will be final. Following the findings of two complaints will result in suspension for the season of the coach. A coach suspended will not be allowed to give out trophies or awards. The offenses that will not be tolerated are:

Any abusive or obscene language or gestures by the coaching staff on the playing field.
Any unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches, Directors, or spectators.
Drinking or under the influence will be an automatic suspension and probable removal.



HNL representatives, coaches, managers, supervisory personnel, parents, and spectators will participate at their own risk. HNL will not be responsible for injury to persons described above or damage to property.