Huntsville National League

Huntsville National League believes that children deserve to have fun in a safe caring environment. Please pledge to do everything you can to make this possible for all the children in our program.”





We are excited to announce that two of the City of Huntsville’s youth athletic leagues- Patriot and National- have combined to create the new Liberty League. Liberty League will utilize the combined facilities and resources of the previous leagues to better serve the youth in the area.

 Jay Cloys will be the Parks & Recreation Zone Coordinator for Liberty League and can be contacted at jay.cloys@huntsvilleal.gov

Becky Vallejo will be Chairperson of the Board for Liberty League and can be contacted at chairperson@huntsvillelibertyleague.org

More information can be found at www.huntsvillelibertyleague.org and www.facebook.com/huntsvillelibertyleague.