Huntsville National League Fall Soccer

soccer_02Huntsville National League (HNL) is proud to offer recreational soccer this fall for both new and returning players. We offer a non-competitive soccer program centered on sportsmanship, player development and an overall rewarding soccer experience. Our soccer program is part of the City of Huntsville Parks and Recreation (COHPAR). We operate out of McGucken Park in southeast Huntsville on Bailey Cove Road.

Registration and Fees

Online Registration

Soccer Registration Form

The soccer registration fee is $65.00

Skip the lines and register early by mail! Follow these easy steps:

  • Download the soccer registration form Click Here.
  • Print and complete a registration form for each player. Do not forget to sign and date the form.
  • Enclose a legible copy of each child’s birth certificate. If you do not have a birth certificate, a copy of the child’s passport will do.
  • Write a single check for the total amount due for all players. Make the check payable to “Huntsville National League” or “HNL”.
  • Mail all items (registration form, birth certificate and payment) to the address provided on the registration form.

Registration covers your child’s uniform (jersey, shorts and socks) but it does not include shin guards or soccer ball.

Age Requirements

Our soccer program has teams for players ages 4 through 18 years old. To determine the age division your child will play in, refer to the following age requirements:

Spread the word! We are recruiting 14-18 YO players interested in playing U19 recreational soccer.

Under 6, player has not reached their sixth (6th) birthday before August 1st of the season year.
Under 8, player has not reached their eighth (8th) birthday before August 1st of the season year.
Under 10, player has not reached their tenth (10th) birthday before August 1st of the season year.
Under 12, player has not reached their twelfth (12th) birthday before August 1st of the season year.
Under 14, player has not reached their fourteenth (14) birthday before August 1st of the season year.
Under 18, player has not reached their nineteenth (19) birthday before August 1st of the season year.


Players are provided with a uniform to include jersey, shorts and socks. Players are required to wear shin guards to all practices and games. Please make sure your child brings water or a sports drink to all practices and games. Cleats are not required, although they are highly recommended. Baseball cleats have an extra toe cleat and are strictly prohibited. Referees will not allow a player to participate in a game wearing these type cleats. Coaches are provided a certain number of practice soccer balls. If you are interested in buying a soccer ball for your child, inexpensive regulation balls can be purchased at all discount and sporting goods stores. Ball sizes are age specific:
Size 3: Ages 4-7
Size 4: Ages 8-11
Size 5: Ages 12 and older

When Do We Play?

Practices begin mid August, games start about Labor Day and the season ends in late October. For our U8 and older players, there is an optional post-season city tournament. Generally, our older teams begin with two or three practices a week then drop down to one or two practices a week after games start. Younger teams generally practice just once or twice a week.

Can I Play With a Friend?

A reasonable effort will be made to honor requests for carpools, neighbours, friends, etc. However, this may not be possible in all cases due to team size limitations and equitable distribution of age/talent on each team. Our main goal in team formation is to distribute talent equally among all teams. We want all players to enjoy the season! This can be a great opportunity for your child to make new friends and experience new coaching styles. Please keep an open mind and understand our limitations.

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